Darko Kalin - Certified Auditor, Certified Valuer, Certified Accountant

Mr. Darko Kalin is Partner at A&BA Group. He holds a Bachelor’sDegree in Economics as well as designations of Certified Auditor, Certified Valuer and Certified Accountant. He is also an ACCA member possessing the FCCA certificate.

Mr. Kalin’s experience spans on 13+ years of professional engagement out of which 11 years working for international audit network rising to the position of Senior Manager. Prior to this career, he had been engaged as consultant in the NGO sector, working on project activities and being directly involved in project cycle management.

Besides overall management of A&BA Group and due to his extensive experience and expertise in the specific area, Mr. Kalin is also responsible for M&A projects at A&BA Group as well as, due diligence activities and corporate finance, tax and restructurings.

Mr. Kalin performs regular trainings to accountants, valuers and auditors in the Republic of Macedonia on themes from IAS, ISA and IFRS.

He is also involved in external consultancy engagements and is regarded as an expert in EU-funded projects. He is present in the NGO sector as a member of supervisory boards in several NGOs.





Bojan Petreski - Certified Auditor, Certified Valuer, Certified Accountant

Mr. Bojan Petreski, who also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, is a Partner at A&BA Group. He is responsible for the development of the Company’s internal methodology.

Mr. Petreski’s experience covers a period of 13+ years working for international audit networkas an Audit Manager and Service Leader responsible for development of the company's audit methodology.

After this career, he took on the position of Partner at A&BA Group. Thanks to his extensive experience, he is involved in M&A projects, due diligence activities, corporate finance, tax and restructurings.

Mr. Petreski is an ACCA member and possesses the FCCA Certificate. He is also a Certified Valuer, expert in business valuation engagements and hold Auditor’s license for practicing audit in Kosovo. What's more, he is a member of the Commission of Audit Standards within the Institute of Certified Auditors in Republic of Macedonia.


The Team

Other than the Management, A&BA Group team is consisted of 13 professionals who rise upon the standards of high professionalism, dedication and Company’s values. Our team members are fluent business proficiency English speakers fully involved in audit operations, financial, IT and tax consulting.


address: Str.”1661” Nr.9-50
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Phone: +389 2 6140 901
e-mail: contact@a-ba.mk
web: www.a-ba.mk

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